s3 springs/suspension for a3 quattro


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right so i've decided that I want to go down the springs route instead of coilovers because of ride comfort. The lowest springs i can find for my car which is a 2011 a3 quattro 2.0tfsi is the h&r 35mm ones. I know this will lower my car by 15/20mm which i don't think is quite enough. I have seen some pictures of s3s on 25mm h&r springs and they sit how i want. So i want to know do these springs lower the s3 25mm for s3 height (30mm from standard) so 55mm from standard a3 height? If the s3 springs lower the car more than the ones i can get for my quattro can i fit the s3 ones to my car or could i fit s3 suspension with these springs to my car?