S3 to RS3


All the gear.. No idea
So have you ordered one then? Whats your spec? I had originally ordered a Suzuka Grey one, but was being messed about, was going to walk, but someone tipped me off about this Sprint Blue one, it had a spec close the Grey one so a deal was done. Apprantly it's the only one at present in this colour although the same dealer has another one on order, not heard or come across another in Sprint Blue. Several Sepang Blue and the Racing Mica colours about. This time tomorrow I should be in her.
I just loved the red on it.. So I'm getting this spec - http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/rs3-forum/153252-launch-colour.html
they all look nice really though, and if I hadn't made a decision I could've sat there wondering about nogaro perleffekt etc all day:think:


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That aimed at me N8 if so yeah ive ordered one in racing mica will be a while before i get it though

Only just read this, and yes lad, nice to see you using the forum again :wub:


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lol cheers N8 meant to collect the car tomorrow at 11