S3 vs TT MKII 3.2 ???


Sepang Blue S3
Hi all,

what do you think to the above in terms of speed / handling etc...



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S3 should kick *** all day long in performance/comfort (especially if chipped). 3.2 should be nice and smooth though.


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agree S3 should kick *** the new TT v6 isnt much quicker than the old one from what i remember. Infact i didnt think it was particulary quick.


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unfortunately for a good conparison you need to wait until the TT-s is released for better match - the 3.2 is heavy and at 250/260 its not that quick given the weight- but it does sound nice.


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dont understand all this 3.2 isnt that quick business to be honest. figures just dont lie. to get the most out of it you have to be giving it some stick V6's just drive differently than turbos.


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Well according to autocar website :

0-60 S3 5.6, TT 5.8
0-100 S3 13.6, TT 15.1
30-70 S3 5.1, TT 5.6

Not much in it, S3 is 1455 KG, 261BHP TT is 1430 KG, 237BHP. I'm also not sure if that was a DSG TT or manual.

S3 probably a bit faster in gears due to more torque over a wider range.

I'd be interested to know how the handling compares, I've not tried a TT 3.2 but I guess they have similar chassis ( aluminium suspension parts ) and 4wd system.


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i' agree, think the 3.2 has half alluminium chasis aswell. dsg might have made a difference - audi say it does the 0-60 .2 seconds faster than the manual.

theres a huge gap in handling from the A3 3.2 to the TT 3.2, but as you said the S3 has some aluminium bits