s3dave - R.I.P.


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It is with deep regret to inform you that s3dave has passed away this week after a period of illness...

Dave is well know for his contributions to the 8L section and of course was a regular in the ASN Pub... he will be sorely missed...

Our deepest sympathy and best wishes go out to his family at this time.



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RIP to a true gent. My condolences to his my family.

I think we should have a whip around to get something.


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Rip, every time I've had the pleasure of speaking to him he has been sound and always more than helpful


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No way... That's awful. He was such a sound guy.

RIP fella.

Happy to chip in as above.


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Ah no! Regards to his family.


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Shocking news, such a friendly guy and a legend to ASN.

R.I.P fella, massive loss and condolences to his family

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RIP Dave. Great chap and was lucky to have met him a good few times. Big contributor to ASN and a right funny character in the pub crew!

He will be missed but not forgotten!
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Such a sad loss and a legend on the forum, Rest In Piece Dave I had a night on the vodka just for you last night



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R.I.P Dave


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Terrible news to hear.

Thanks for everything you brought too asn over the few years i've been on here and also for my adjustable tie arms.

Great bloke who will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Dude


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Holy cow! how long had he been ill? had a few bits off him whilst I have been on here like my heatshield and only got some fmic brackets from him last month.

R.I.P Dave


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Shocked, had never met Dave but knew plenty of him from the 8L forum,

Very sad news, RIP


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So shocked when i heard this sad news!
Still can't get my head around it to be honest!
Met Dave several times and was a funny kind man!
He will be missed by many
My thoughts go out to his family!
Rest well fella

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Very sad news,

Even tho i never met him he was ever so helpful to myself and others on here.


I will be happy to contribute as well.


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Very sad news. R.I.P Dave. Condolences to family and friends.


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Ahh no !

Sad news, my thoughts are with his family...... Same As above really R.I.P s3 dave.


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So sad, rip Dave :-(


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Sincere condolences to his family :(


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Hi guys thanks guys as most of u know Dave was my farther in law and like a dad to me over the past 5 years. Dave sadly passed away Friday the 13th after a long hard battle in ICU for several weeks due to his illness he went into hospital to Hv his lung cancer removed the operation was successful and as we all know Dave he came around from recovery singing and cracking jokes drinking coffee. Then he just took a turn for the worst then he cought pneumonia, ARDS ( adult respiratory distress syndrome ) also his lung wasn't coping he should not of died at the age of 44 he was way too young he was going to be 45 on the 18th June he past away so suddenly the hole thing is under investigation as it was an unusual situation as he was fine and awake an hour before he passed away.

Dave will be so missed by everyone he was a great bloke and would do owt for others he was a true legend loved his family and friends and loved his cars and partying. Me and Dave messed with our cars every weekend and he loved his s3 as most of u no his s3 is off the road with no engine in it as he was too poorly to put the engine back in so my mission is to drop the engine into it that's already been built by Dave we was just waiting for Him to get better but now all this im going to try my hardest to make Dave proud and get it back in and up and running for him he would love it only thing I carnt do is the fabrication of the down pipe so any help would be muchly appreciated. His family all want u guys to know there greatfull for the support it means a lot and welcome any body to the funeral (date still pending ) I'll keep u all posted when we find out. Let's give his a send off he diserves.

R.I.P Dave still carnt get my head around it mate. The home don't feel the same without you.Always be in my heart heaven has gained a true legend.

Feel free to message me anyone thanks



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Oh my god that is such a tragedy, such a nice genuine guy and to be taken so young is just plain wrong. Deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace


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RIP Dave.....

Was shocked to hear.

All my thoughts and prays go out to his family.


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Was very shocked to hear about this yesterday, my thoughts are with his family and friends, and may his legacy live on with all the stuff he's done for our community. RIP.


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RIP Dave, didn't know you personally but you was always helpful on here... My condolences go to your family.
Very sad news,
Rest in peace Dave.


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If someone does sort out a whip around post a notice and I'll chip in, between us we should at least be able to chip in enough to get his downpipe fabricated and car finished.


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R.I.P. Dave

On behalf of myself and the Yorkshire region of ASN, I would like to say you were a top bloke and very highly regarded.....our thoughts are with your family and friends.

Such a shock to most and certainly a frog in the throat moment.....hope the investigation sees justice for you if there was any foul play as such a nice bloke like you deserved only the best!

You will never be forgotten.