S6 2014 low fuel pressure fault


Glad im back
Hi guys ive done a search but couldnt find anything so just wondering if any of you other guys have had or seen any issues with a fault which im seeing on an Autel Vag505 " low pressure fuel regulation outside Specification P310B_00 defective - Passive/Sporatic".
Mine keeps seeing this recently just as warranty is running out and ive had it into the local dealer but they couldnt see anything so they cleared the fault but then a few days later after ive gone away for a few weeks my wife gets the check engine light on so she takes it back to them but they couldnt look at it until today but typically a few days after she booked it in the engine light went out on its own and when they plugged it into there comp they couldnt see anything! Im pretty sure its just a glitch in the system but as a i said just curious to see if anyone has seen similar things.