S8 Novice Need Advice Please


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Hi All,

Having owned Scoobys and Porsche's, my wife tells me its time to grow up and buy a proper family car. I have decided on an S8, 2000 - 2002 model. I have shotlisted 3 potential cars and would like some advice on what i should look out for when i go to view them. Are there any obvious common faults... Also is there any way of testing the TV as the ones i'm looking at only have an analog tuner... As the title say i am a novice to Audi's and S8's so any information would be a bonus.




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:banghead:The Search continues, Went to see one this week but was tatty and not in mint condition as the ad says. Then doing research on another one in Birmingham and think the car has been clocked. Not turning out to be as easy as i thought. If any has or knows anyone that has a good, clean, straight S8 with service history can you please let me know. I am looking through Autotrader and Pistonheads everyday.

Mr K

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get over to A8 parts forum, I have a 2002 S8 and go by the name of 'Mr K' over there. worth asking around over there.

This is the highest spec A/S8 you will find (you may have to log in):
Dream Spec D2 for sale - A8 Parts Forum

Good luck with your hunt