Sad times :( bye to Audi for now..


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I'm still in mourning that the Mrs has dropped the house hunting/deposit bomb and have had to part ways with my S6 :(

Many of you have done the same for similar reasons im sure. I miss it terribly! Gone right back into a complete shed of a diesel runabout. Admittedly the money saving is phenomenal lol but still... No V10 roar anymore is depressing!

Its a temporary measure until its sorted and I can start the fun car hunting once again.

If anyone has bought it from here do let me know as I think the garage has now sold it, it was only there for 5 days! Sprint Blue from Lincs Sports Cars


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Sorry to hear that the s6 has gone. Of course you will miss it. You will get another soon Lewis. New house is important move that has to be done. We know you will be back as soon as you can. Don't be a stranger. :) x