Saw my first S1 in the UK yesterday....


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A black 3-door, parked up in the Farnham area (I believe). Looking good!

Anyone on here?

Still love how rare they are...


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Yeah I was heading from the A303 to Guildford, and it was parked up against a wall. At a service station on the way up there was a PistonHeads meet for TVR drivers, and they were loving the S1, saying they've never seen one in the flesh etc. Nice feeling when they're all there in their 400bhp+ rockets!


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Haha nice! I do love the attention the S1 gets. Especially when someone tries to give you a push on the motorway. Had an A7 tailing me last week, don't think he quite expected the lift off the S1 delivers :)


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I got some surprised compliments from the RS3 boys this weekend when I met a few of them. They were all shocked how quick it was and how good it sounded!