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I'm looking for some buying advice on second hand A3's, in particular between 2008 - 2010 . I've had a Mk4 Golf for the past 4 years and it's been a dream to run, but now with 230,000 miles I'm looking for an upgrade..

A3 range I'm looking at is 2008 - 2010, £6,000 budget roughly 80k miles ish, petrol auto (ideally). My question lies with the petrol auto engines, are they reliable? And if so, are the DSG reliable as well? Should I go for 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 or even 3.2? One thing I have heard is to stay away from the 1.4 TSI and TFSI petrol engines?

It's easy to chose colour/leather/wheels etc but when it comes to these A3 diesel/petrol, engine/transmission variations I am a bit lost. I'm not fussed about fuel economy too much, I have a short commute.

Thanks in advance!



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You won’t get a 3.2 for that price, and they stopped them in 2009. They’re rarer than hens teeth. Expensive to tax too.

I’d look at a 2.0tfsi/tdi.

But with your age range and price limits you’ll have to make a sacrifice. Lower mileage/lower spec v higher mileage/better spec


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Dare I say it...
I had a 2002 golf 1.9 pd130 sold on 165k miles & like your it was a dream to own over the 10 years i had it. during that time i got a 2004 a4 avant 1.9 pd130 which i still own (on 178k) and love it although had a few 'niggles' recently..

Then i thought like you, need something newer, so got a 2011 A3, 1 owner, 80k miles & so far, it's got a clicky clutch pedal (admittedly I bought it knowing that) then the interior blower motor failed, then most recently had the intermittent alarm going.. so new Alarm...
Just saying, so far i get the impression they don't make them like they used to..
Saying all that, it's a nice car & I know what you mean with having the high mileage old motor & wanting to 'upgrade'. do as I did, keep the mk4 on the drive as backup :)
I think around 2010/11 they had a facelift too so got a slightly updated look to them.

I was initially looking at buying a petrol as that would be fine for my needs but really struggled at the time to find a decent petrol in a similar age as I guess in 2010 diesels were being pushed as the go to fuel? there's way more diesels around in that age range


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I got a very nice 2011 2.0 for £3,000 with 103,000 on it, it's a very clean car. At your budget you shouldn't struggle to get what you're after. Just make sure you're not paying over the odds.

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