Service costs


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hi all,

at the moment my car is reading 140days or 4000miles till next service.

the car is a 2004 1.8T s-line Quattro so will be approx 2 years old when service is due.

does anyone have an idea how much an audi dealer will charge for the next service?



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Probably best to call your local main dealer and ask the service desk. I think it's all fixed price now (certainly is at my delaership) except for unforseen problems and this way he'll at least quote you based on the local labour rates.

After you've got that, call your local VW, SEAT or Skoda dealership and see what they quote for the same service. Same equipment and same parts but normally cheaper. Any of these will do exactly the same job and use the correct OEM parts to maintain your service history/warranty.

Basically up to you whether you want to pay for the privilege of an Audi stamp in the book, or not. Personally, I always book mine into Audi because I always bottle out of taking it to VW in the end.



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Hi call Skoda now! Well in the morning, I called them and their service costs are loads cheaper than the Audi dealers.



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"Fixed Price" - Dealer servicing can be +/- upto £100 depending on who you ask, and what you want servicing....


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Just had mine done, £280 all in. Would be a good idea to have the brake fluid service at the same time, which will be another £60.