Servicing Costs


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At the suggestion, request of A4Quattro here's a sticky thread to post your servicing costs.

As per the A3 forum if this turns into a dealership bashing thread I'll remove it...

If you feel a dealer should be avoided please just say avoid or not recommended. If anyone wants further information take it offline and use PM's please.




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My first service on my car using Camberley Audi cost £334 all in. How does that fare against the other franchise's in the area?


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Audi Warrington £273
Lancaster Liverpool-rang out...
Audi Chester-£205.


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Got it done at Chelmsford Audi, only a few Caveats: they scuffed 2 of my Alloys, fixed my glovebox but made it rattle like it contains marbles and need a jack to get it open, and made my blower sound like it has a lolly stick against the blade.

Cost 330 quid.

Are fixing tomorrow so not all bad.


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South London Audi (SG Smith)

AVS 1 @ 15098 miles and just over 2 years.

£185 which included some PAS oil as it needed a drop.

I'm in the trade so supplied my own parts (oil & pollen fitters) and oil (Elf Excellium LDX 0w30 VAG 503.01). They didn't have a problem with this.

I guess the oil and filters cost me about £40 so £225 instead of the £350 I was originally quoted is quite a saving! :) I'll do the brake fluid change myself in the spring. (£80 extra).

Very happy with the service and staff there.




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VennyQuattro said:
Is this just for 1st service or also for further down the line? how about the 4year 70-80K service costs :faint:

Not a Quattro, but my 4th AVS (76k) on a late 54 plate A4 1.9TDi 130 cost £485 all in - inc VAT. Work included replacement rear brake pads and wiper blades all round - yeah I know, but its leased).

Wash and Vac was more like a full valet - York Audi - recommended highly.


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Just had my service done and being a typical yorkshire man born and bred, i searched for a good price. Rang my local dealers which are Blackburn audi. £349. looked on internet and saw stoke audi on fleebay offering services for £99. Rang them and spoke to Ben who said that this wasnt for my car however he would do mine at £149inc parts, labour and vat.
Took car in on wednesday at 1100 and got a courtesy car too within ten mins the rang to say there were a couple of warranty jobs and brake fluid and n/s/r brake light needed changing. £70 and £11 respectively got them to do it and went back at 2pm. car was done washed and vac'd. cost £230 all in was well impressed.
When i got home i was intrested to see how local dealer would compare, service £349, Brake fluid £87 and bulb £30 so in all had to travel hour each way to stoke but paid £230 instead of £466 for same thing. they are highly recommended and i will be using them again.


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I think I will go there to its about 200 miles ish from me but at that price its well worth it.
my local Basingstoke Audi want 330 for service.

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Spoke to a company in Cambridge today called Deutsch wagon
They quoted £184.60 for an 80k service on my 2.5 TDi sounds good so will be booking it in and I'll let you know.


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Yeah got too agree, very polite, although it was just a straight forward service you always tend to see a dealers true colours if things have gone wrong, washed car and gave the interior a quick once over with the hoover as well. Nice courtesy car, so all in all a fairly good experience.


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Well mine is in there today for its 3rd AVS - was quoted £295. Will update later with my thoughts on the service received!

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Well it's back - and I've no complaints at all. Ended up bang on the quote of £295 and I even got a full bottle of Screenwash and a litre of Castrol SLX (?) for topping up included in this. They brought the car round to the front doors for me and showed me out to the car which I thought was a nice touch!

Was quoted for some extra work they said may need done but I'll be doing that myself (just straightforward things like Brake Fluid change etc)


Has anyone got any comments to make on costs at Newcastle Audi...???

My car is due a Service (on 95k) and 1st MOT in the coming weeks but having just started a new job recently money isn't as abundant as I'd like it to be.

Did get something from them last week about a Premier Plus 3 plan where they'll give me a free MOT and 30% off parts which is a plus. I'm working next door to the place so it's going to be very handy having it done while I'm at work, though that benefit would be out-weighed if they take my eyes out.


Can anyone recommend a Cornwall garage for servicing? Prefer independent specialist but would like to hear any opinions about Truro Audi as they are the nearest to my new location in Falmouth.


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2nd service. Now on 10k intervals rather than AVS. Performed at 27.5k but Aberdeen Audi advised doing a 20k service. TBH, they didn't seem to know what to do since I'd switched from AVS to fixed.

Anyway, total cost was £246. They even charged me £0.59 for screenwash which involved draining the full tank and filling it with they're own. I wonder what they do with the old screenwash? Probably ends up in the techs' cars.

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was quoted £420 for 70k or so for a normal (no cambelt etc) service by Bham Audi went to a specialist instead got it done for £130.:rockwoot:

1.9 Tdi Quattro Sport 130


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Who was the specialist?? good price!



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banny said:
just booked mine into stoke audi, £149 all in for long life service.

Have you got the number for Stoke Audi?



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80k Service,
Laser Alignment & Camber Adjustment
Brake Fluid Change
(All Recall work)

£548 inc VAT at Parklands Audi Gloucester

Not seen the breakdown in costs yet, the car is still there!


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jesus wept thats a lot of money for a service


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85,000 mile service on A4 1.9TdI quattro

Edinburgh audi quote : £340 but could be more if we use extra oil - :think:
Glasgow audi : £295
Perth Audi : £280
independent specialist quoted £240

went to perth - excellent service, free wifi, replaced a bulb in brake light foc - i'll be back.

wanted £80 for a brake fluid change though...put that off for just now - might get a local garage to sort that - seems excessive approx £50 on other cars i've had (BMW etc). And £46 on a glasgow audi invoice that came with the car.


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Have any of you guys used Audi/Vw Bogside Wishaw?? its my local garage and was wondering if anyone have used them??


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I have used an independant specialist in Leeds - (sorry can't post URL as it's my first post!!)

I've not had a service yet but they completed a cambelt change on my '03 A4 Quattro which included a new water pump and I had the brake fluid changed at the same time.

They charged me £516.82 which is ££££ but a lot cheaper than a franchised dealer.

Audi Leeds and Huudersfield quoted me over £650 for this work!!

Overall v.pleased


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Was quoted £350 for the S4 at East Kent Audi in Canterbury (51k miles). Same service from a specialist = £90 + parts, so will be c£150-£200 I guess.

Doing esactly the same work and using exactly the same oil, plugs etc !!!

Booked it in straight away...


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Was quoted £350 for the S4 at East Kent Audi in Canterbury (51k miles). Same service from a specialist = £90 + parts, so will be c£150-£200 I guess.

Doing esactly the same work and using exactly the same oil, plugs etc !!!

Booked it in straight away...


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Have been quoted approx £500 by Leeds Audi for a Cambelt change along with water pump and tensioners. I dont live anywhere near but they have serviced the car 3 times since new (previous owner) so thought I would enquire as they know the car.

Have been quoted £195 for all the above by a local specialist (who is also a drinking buddy) so I think he's going to get my vote.

I have also seen Stoke Audi and Stafford Audi both advertising very good prices on Ebay, they might be well worth a visit for anyone close by.

Oh, and my car is a 54 plate A4 Avant 1.9TDi SE 130 6-speed with 66k on the clock.


Hi there ive just had me cam belt changed + all filters from an indopented VAG specialest, now ive had all the tensioners done + idlers & the hole job cost me round £650 is that good??? bearing in mind i used 2 ave a mk2 gti 16v which i could do myself!! :slapped:


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Ok car has been done now. Cambelt, auxillary belt, tensioners, new water pump, tops ups etc £250 all in. Im a happy man :kiss:


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Just been quoted £330 at Audi Bolton - which sounds about right, reading some of the other posts on here !


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Well, Preston Audi have quoted me £213 for a 35,000 mile service for my Nov 2003 A4 Avant 2.5 TDi Quattro sport, which includes a brake fluid change and an MOT (I dont need the MOT till Nov 08 - so they are giving me a voucher).
I will be getting my cambelt changed this year when car probably hits 40,000 miles. Volkservice in Blackpool are quoting me about £400 but I will be getting waterpump changed at same time so probably £450)....

The one thing about all Audi's that p*sses me off is the cost of a cambelt change.....think Audi need to start pushing the engines back a bit ala BMW style to allow access to the front of the engine without having to remove the entire front of the car....