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On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???
I'm leaning the same way as you - I think that fact that you've used competent mechanics will be as valuable on a car of this age.

I enquired about the £99 service at Derby Audi - there that only works on FWD 2.0 or less!



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IMO at least a stamp in the book from an independant is worth the same as from a dealer, as long as its a FSH then that would be fine with me.

I am confident that the money you saved in servicing would be more than the potential loss in value of the car by not having FASH.


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Get a service quote from Vasstech Auto Services in Rugby, Warwickshire in the Midlands.

He's just opened up and is/was a licensed VW technician (that's a level above Master Technician).

He's looking to establish his business so I'm sure his prices will be good.

He's looked after all my VW/Audi cars for years, including my current Audi A4 2.5TDI V6 Quattro and wife's VW Lupo, as well as previous cars including VW Golf, and VW Polo. On top of that, he looks after his Dad's Audi A3 Sport and his own Sportback.




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M&M Autos

Audi A4 1.8T S Line Quattro

60k Service including
Oil Change (Castrol Edge)
Brake Fluid Change
Air Filter
Fuel Filter
Pollen Filter
Oil Filter
Cleaned up the tailpipes to chrome again
Unblock rear washer
NGK SparkPlugs
Tire valves un jammed and re valved (car came with poncey valve caps that wouldnt come off)


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luckerly for me this was done 3000 miles befor i bought the car

cost of this was £326.38

date of this 17/11/09

this was for cambelt, roller, aux belt


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Just booked mine in for a full service the 40K one so its getting new oil (castrol), oil filter, Fuel filter, pollen filter and oil filter plus a VAGcom scan to make sure all is good. will be done on the 8th April whilst i am on holiday so thats all good

The garage is a local independant VW/Audi specialist that i have not tried before but its worth a go as to find a good garage locally is always a bonus.

Cost of the service and scan inc VAT is £246

Will report back once the service is complete


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Audi A4 3.0 Cabriolet service

Just had a Cambelt Service including Waterpump at Portsmouth Audi. I was quoted £618.00

Variable service was quoted ar £245.

All seemed fine but my Hydrualic Tensioner needed replacing (Don't get confused with tensioner in Cambelt Kit), that cost another £160 but they didn't charge me for the labour

All in all my service cost me £1047. It may seem steep but a cambelt on a 3.0 is expensive. Most independants quoted more, one quote from a company in Portsmouth tried to charge me £1200 just for the cambelt.

Remember Audi gives you an unlimited Mileage, 2 year warranty for the work.


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Cambridge Audi quoted me £400+ for long life service on my 2004 A4 sport,£600+ for cambelt and £120 for spark plugs. absolute joke!
Made do with nationwide autocentre for £290 + £50 for spark plugs. They said I needed new brake pads all round and quoted £220, again shocking, took it to ATS euromaster for £114.

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for those of you around southyorkshire,
statler audi and vw (independent) are supposed to be awsome !
i dont know the exact prices they charge for servicing but i was told they are a fair bit cheaper than our local meadowhead audi,,
had mine there a couple of times and what they said needed doing, according to my description of what was wrong, was bang on!
there knowledge on performance tuning and maintenence is impressive too,,,
you do feel a little inadiquate when visiting them with a tdi sport though,, what with all the s3's s4's s6's r32's vr6's and porche carrera gt's waiting to have the statler wand waved at em!!!
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Anyone know of any independents that will do a service and install coilovers in or around Sunderland area?? I need to service it (120k Miles) and thought i might as well get the other work done while im at it?


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Just a wee update - sneaky price increase from Audi effective 1st November 2010.
Old fixed cost prices :
Major service - £199
• Interim service - £99
• Brake pads (Front or Rear) - £99
• Brake fluid change - £49
• Cambelt - £329

New increased prices :
our fixed-price jobs* are:
Major service £269
Interim service £149
Cam belt £399
Brake pads & discs (front or rear) £249
Brake pads (front or rear) £129
Clutch (quattro®) £849
Clutch (non quattro®) £649
Brake fluid change £49
Front Wiper Blades £39
* Privately owned Audi vehicles over 36 months old from date of registration. Up to and including 2.0 litre engines for A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT and Q5. Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Prices include VAT at the prevailing rate and parts and labour. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes Channel Islands.

£70 on a major service and £50 on an oil change - shocker! £849 for a quattro clutch.....and I'm sure they'll tell you that a new DMF is needed for another £600. Maybe this initial offer got older cars into the dealer - but the new increase will make sure that a lot fewer will be back!