Shaking its rear


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Right, spending more pennies trying to just get it to run smooth, seems to be one thing after another. Had the car serviced with new plugs and ignition coils this week which solved the ropy running but now it's started to just shake when at idle, once u pull away it runs smooth but idle is crap and juddery, the car literally shakes. It's an 05 1.8t, so far since feb it's had coils done twice, new turbo, new MAF. Plugs, all filters and Replaced an oil breather pipe. The first thing that comes to mind now is an air leak somewhere?? Can't hear owt and there are billions of places to check for leaks but am I on the right track??


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you tryed cleaning the throttle body out m8 with carb cleaner... and you can also get the idle control valve reset up to make sure all the (switches/solenoids) are working when they should be to tell the ecu its on tick over etc..... vag com experts may help more just an idea to try