Shell VPower Fuel Efficiency Modification


RS3 8P (2012)
I recently visited one of my local Shell petrol stations where the attendant instantly recognised my RS3 whilst I was paying for my fuel and he enquired if I my car modified from running current 97 Ron to 100 Ron, as in his words it was not an expensive modification and that with it chipped to run on 100 Ron it would be more fuel efficient.
I didn't have time to ask him what his idea of not an expensive modification and also whether he actually meant a Stage 1, or Stage 2 which under my current insurance company I cannot use.

So, my question is, can I trust a petrol attendant who wears his baseball hat backwards or was he telling the truth and is it possible he is an over qualified person in the wrong job?


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Totally possible, but if you are going to the trouble of mapping it, it may as well be stage 1!
As an example, Japanese cars are factory tuned for 100RON as that is the minimum available on forecourts there. You will find the same engines are factory tuned to accept different min RON levels depending on where they are being sold. They go to the trouble of doing this because they can report better MPG figures in the markets that have higher RON available.

Dave Hedgehog

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UK RS3's come with a 98 Ron map (its ticked on the build sheet), if your going to remap it as Jose said you may as well go for the full stage 1, providing the car has no warranty or you do not care about invalidating it


RS3 8P (2012)
Hi Dave. My car is three years old new, & has had its first MOT which it has passed and I have already had fitted a Scorpion Exhaust. Well, I am not bothered about invalidating what is left of my warrantee.
What I have been trying to work out is apart from bhp increase, torque and cost, what is the differences between Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3 remaps?