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i am going to look at a couple of S3's on a Y plate this weekend so i was wondering if you guys could give me a few pointers on what to look for eg. common faults ,service history, what critcal parts should have been changed on a 130k car etc.
tried to put a link to them but doesnt seem to work.


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well it didn't take long I found one yesterday on a Y plate all original and unplayed with just had a new turbo and clutch plus master cylinder.
inside is mint with no signs of wear even though its got 120k on the clock.


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Whats the difference then?

blue is from prefacelift, new one is from facelift




there is a lot of difference not only visual. Facelift have micro switch for opening the hood - prefacelift doesnt have that its mechanical, .....

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Right picked the car up and so far these are the faults ive found so far bearing in mind the car was bought from a dealer.
Alarm siren dont work
Water temp gauge not reading (sensor)

Will update if i find anything else.

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right latest update changed the thermostat today and all is good with the heater now and the gauge is working on the dash.
all i can say is that its an absolute pig of a job so wont be doing that again to soon.
next is sort the alarm horn out or should i say send the dealer the bill for it and the key i was promised.
the drama continues.