Slow Warmup


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Hi all,
another 'newcomer' question.
The car seems surprisingly slow to warm up taking 5 or 6 miles to move off the 50 and reach the first graduation. Eventually it gets near the 90 and then stays pretty much there.
Is the normal? Certainly no signs of any issues.
Do I need a new thermostat? Are they easy to change?



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Think it's just the weather now its turned colder as mine is the same. Nothing to worry about I'd say. Before this cold weather kicked in it used to get up to temp in no time. So I'd just say its weather related.

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I usually watch the oil temp rather than coolant temp, also I've noticed that if I have the fan blowing at all warm it slows the warm up of the coolant. Oil temp reaches about 94ish and that's over 10-11 mile commute to work although it's mostly motorway/dual carriageway. Normal operating temp seems to be approx 98 to 102ish for the oil (from checking it once its fully warmed up but depends on the ambiant and what speeds/rpm/load its under)