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Apologies for my inexperience, can you use snow foam with pressure washers that have the detergent hose outlet??
Can you recommend any?


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You can yes, no detergent will be released if the power wash is on it's maximum pressure!


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To be honest, these aren't very useful. You're are much better buying a specific snow lance. For circa £45 they are very much worth it!

To give you an idea from playing with a few in my time, the first two images are from what you have mentioned, or cheaper foam bottle attachments (note the lack of actual foam, rather soapy water). The last photo is from an I4Detailing lance found here; Snow Foam Lance - for use with your pressure washer - various fittings available




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I've been wondering about this, ours always looks like pic1!!!! Cheers James, will be following your link.


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Seconded, I had the first type and it was useless.

Bought a proper snow foam lance from cleanyoucar and the snow foam is excellent, very effective wash for a non-contact wash.

John @ PB

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We do a foam lance kit which includes Meguiar's Hyper Wash: with a dilution ratio of 400:1 (water/product) it's the most concentrated we've found.

PB Foam Lance Kit

I worked out the price recently, including shipping, of Hyper Wash and found each litre of foam solution costs 0.025 pence per litre

Compare that against some of the apparently cheaper foams and they don't appear so cheap.....


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Agree on the Megs Hyper Wash being a good buy, but hadn't quite worked out the costs! Love that you have John :happy:


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John, out of interest, have you noticed a distinct advantage between a lower pressure rated washer and a higher version? My snow foam, until recently, always came out well, but never shaving foam consitency. But since upgrading the old unit to a newer, more powerful version, the snow foam is distinctly thicker...