so quiet in here !!!

hollows wife

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returned to audi after a few years last time i was in here it was a very busy forum ,pll always chatting and helping each other
whats happened ? its like a ghost town ,having a look around there seems to be a lot of unanswered posts ,do people not bother to help anymore ,or have they just migrated else where ?

just seems so sad as this once was the busiest uk audi forum on the www.


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If you have an 8L A3 you'll find its very busy too. But if you have an rs6 you may struggle to get many replies.


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It is quieter, but then we are still suffering the effects of an economic downturn which has been going on for 4 years, and this leaves people less likely to spend lots of money on various projects and new motors. Add to that the time of year, and the cold weather, and people are not out doing stuff to the motor.

I think it will get busier in the spring. That's when I will start to get out and about, doing more detailing and general car related things.