So, what is actually checked during a TDI (CR) A3 Quattro service?


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My A3 2.0L TDI (170PS) quattro (facelifted version) has had two services (long-life oil) since it was bought from new in September 2008.

The A3 manual isn't very clear on what is checked at service and the invoices don't really show anything other than the work done for changing oil etc.

So what is actually checked on each service and what is checked on specific mileage services?

I'm guessing:

Brake fluid
Screen wash
Brake pads
Brakes (?)
Oil filter

Then I run out of steam, what else is missing? Are all of the above actually checked at each service?

So can someone educate me (and others too afraid to ask I assume ;))? :readit:

Feel free to flame me but ONLY if you actually also help me :yes:
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