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A8 Midlands

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Hi all,
I am new to the forum so please be gentle ;) I have bought a 1997 A8 quattro with the 4.2 engine and 5 speed tip tronic gear box from a film company for a reasonable price. Lovely car and pleased with it so far. As with all older models with unknown history's i do have some issues and would be grateful of any advice on how to resolve them.

Washer jets work ok but head light washers don't, are these are the same circuit or would the head light washers be on a separate fuse?

The ATF fluid is lifetime according to audi and my local mechanic but reading the forum it would suggest that this isn't the case? If so what ATF fluid would I need?

The drivers head rest motor runs but does not move the head rest, is there any way of adjusting these manually rather than taking the back of the seat apart to access the motor?

Thanks in advance


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I have a 2002 S8, but haven't had any of the issues you are talking about.... I have done the gearbox oil a few times, including the filter, and I just used OEM stuff, nothing different or fancy.

you may want to start searching elsewhere for help, this section of the forum is really quiet! lol