some opinions for a newcomer please


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hey guys first post i always thought would be in the s3 section but it seems not,

ive been looking for an s3 black edition s-tronic for months with my local dealer, last week i basically agreed a deal on a phantom black sportback with comfort pack and open sky, i was over the moon and was just told that id have to wait till friday to pay deposit etc, well friday came i got a call asking could i just go in the following morning as it would be easier.. an hour later i had a call to tell me the dealer who had the car had sold it even though it had been requested and promised to me.

I was extremely unhappy and asked them to sort something out for me and the only thing that could be done was i was offered a similar spec glacier white for basically 30 quid a month extra, i like white but i wouldnt want to own it and especially not for extra money.

now i have been told that there literally arent any more s3 BE sportbacks available at all anymore because they are out of production (same with 3drs) so have been faced with the reality that i cannot simply buy a car i want, i want BE and s-tronic..........................

The last dealer i spoke to today after ringing everyone i could to see if any could find anything else for me made a suggestion to me

Why not buy an RS3? my inital reaction was because of costs, its a much more expensive car, his reply was hardly.. its got much greater residual value and he feels he will get me a deal pretty much close to what i want to pay (car on PCP) now ive checked with my insurance and it seems the quotes are very similar to S3 if not cheaper so thats fine, im guessing servicing is hardly any different and i may get free servicing offered and tax is going to be the same, i will likely keep the car for 2 years so itl cost me one years tax maybe a set of tyres and possibly a service i hardly see much difference to an S3 here, am i right or wrong?

last thing is fuel. ive had plenty of fast motors evo 8 mr fq320, mazda 3 mps aero, mkv golf gti in recent years also drive a 2008 tt 2.0tfsi

in the golf and tt i return roughly 38mps from the dis
in the mazda its not quite as up to date but it shows around 29
the evo was not significant haha

realisticly how much different will the rs3 be to what ive had and in comparison to the S3 how much will it differ,

i know it asked alot i have sifted through the forums to check but i want more specific answers to relate to myself

much appreciate responses guys.. been so stressful all this and itd be great to get into a new car asap

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Well ther is 10k difference at least so where is that gonna come from?, uel consumption, and ins will cost a little more for sure as will servicing.

On a Side note, I gotta say pretty poor show on the original deal, seems like they ripped you off, sold it for more money, as for a deposit, they is no reason why they could not take it over the phone there and then, People pay deposits for cars that do not even exist at Audi, and get it back if they change their mind.


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If a salesman turned round to me and did what he's done to you, quite frankly he can f*ck right off.

Sorry, but if you don't want my business and can't provide me with what I'm after I'll go elsewhere. They should be bending over backwards to help you.


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Bad luck with the S3.... but everything you've been told about running the RS3 is exactly the reason I bought mine.

I had a Golf R before and was looking for another R. When looking at finance the RS3 was actually no more per month than the R due to the much higher residual value at the end of Year 4 (which I would never pay, as I will trade the car in by then).

Running costs have also been remarkably similar ... Tax and Insurance virtually identical ... only a bit less mpg for me. For my type of driving (lots of city centre commuting) I'm getting around 24mpg overall in the RS3 compared to 26.5mpg in the R). Having said that it''s a new tight engine and it's been pretty cold in the mornings since I got it, so there's room for improvement. I'd expect around 10% less mpg than you got in your TT. The RS3 is good on motorways though with it's 7th gear.

Personally I'd not hesitate to go for the RS3 in your shoes ... just give your dealer a hard time and push for lots of freebies like free servicing. I'd also make sure the APR on the finance is low if your thinking of Audi's finance ... my dealer could'nt match Clydesdale Banks 5.9% APR but I think they might now.


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Good advice from Jonny there.
go for a blast in one, hear that five cylinder on song and get some Sport button gear changes going.
the decision will be a simple one.


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really appreciate all your responses guys im still waiting for a response from the dealer as to what they can offer me the car at price wise, If its alot more to stretch i dont think il do it but if its not far off the s3 price i reckon itl be a done deal. I drive pretty much like an old lady most of the time so if i can sit around 30mpg it wont bother me too much i appreciate when i want a spirited blast i pay for it and as a car driver thats fine.

insurance is actually a little cheaper on the RS aswell which is nice

Il keep you all posted and hopefully il be the new owner of something soon!


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had an offer today guys that was absolutely incredible on a new suzuka grey one really happy pretty accepted and the salesman was really good to me aswell. some time this january il be joining the fleet.

only issue is i wont have bose stereo, ive never been in an a3/s3 without bose please tell me that the stereos arent too bad??

there is another with bose in daytona grey available but seriously...SUZUKA!!!! haha!