Sparks out of exhaust !!!


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Finally went for a spirited drive last night with a couple of work colleages one of whom bought my old 172 cup :( and the other chap has a 225 megane cup!

Ok yes they were quicker than me but not by much i would just about keep with them until silly speeds when they would start pulling but below the limit under normal driving conditions (this was 11.30pm) i could say i could hold my own. Going round fast roundabouts was a different matter....god i miss my H&R'd clio cup :(

On another note whilst i was trying my utmost to out accelerate them (cue a diesel smoke screen) one of them noticed orange sparks coming out of my exhaust!!!!!
Any ideas anyone?
This was the first serious thrashing my car has had since the remap and just hope its not my turbo spitting bits of metal out!!!!


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as bellow burnt of red hot carbon deposits, if its been a easy life the cars had before you then you and its built up will be blasting it out, seen it on lots of diesels on a rolling road


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What engine does your A4 have and is it FWD or quattro? Just wondered due to the roundabout comment. Only one thing for it, you'll have to get the A4 H&R'd too! :beerchug:


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Just the 1.9 tdi 130pd and its an estate!
Cheeky jabba custom remap so just over 300lb/ft.
Will have to carbon blast them more often then:)


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wonder how it would compare to a remap,d 1.8T 190 pushing 240bhp and 240 foot pounds
if i was to get rid of mine i,d get a 1.9 TDI