Special Offer Exclusive to audi-sport.net Members- Stop Lock Pro Elite Package 50% Discount


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Have spoken to the team at Obd Portector our site sponsors @Paul1981 and we have come up with a super deal for members:

Stop Lock pro Elite (Thatcham accredited and best in range)

2 x Fob Stopper (our design to mitigate relay attack on
keyless entry vehicles)

Retail Price £120.00

Audi-sport.net members Offer £60.00

Offer available until 2nd November for ASN members

Order would need to be called through to team on 01295 533011 and quote audi-sport.net to qualify for the discount

I have included a couple of pictures to give a better idea.

Reason for two fob stopper pouches is to hold spare key also – most people forget about the spare key resulting in thieves capturing signal from that and relaying it

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I have the stop lock pro already, any idea how much for the FOB stopper please?.
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