speedo fault and fuel gadge going everywhere


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hello. right my a3 1.8qts has just started to loos the speedo and fuel gadge going mental when cornering.

i can drive maybe 5/6 miles and speedo is fine then cut to 0 and maybe has a small hick up to actual speed then stays at 0mph. the eml come on some time and fault loged is speed sensor range/performance with g22 gearbox speed sensor. iv had the multi plug off and no signs of corrotion on pins, geting a goot earth and good power to sensor and signal seams ok. still stays at 0 when on the ramp and in 6th at 3k when moving wiring all wiring right down to under the battery.

given its a range /performance fault i would suspect the sensor is faulty (hall sender type)

when speed stops the fuel gadge gos nut turn one way and i have a full tank and the other and have half a tank (like to have pleanty fuel just incase i run out with this fault)

anybody got any thoughts????

cheers MDG


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The speed sensor sounds faulty. Very common on the 6 speed box, the internal seal splits and it fills with gearbox oil. The fuel gauge is stabilised according to speed, so it doesn't do what you describe and become very erratic. The faster you are travelling the slower the fuel gauge is allowed to move.