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I'm thinking about getting my TFSI remapped. The cars a low mileage example on about 84k and looks to have been well cared for. I'd like to get it remapped for a bit extra power and better responsiveness but I'm concerned about the clutch.

At the moment it drives faultlessly but Im concerned a remap might potentially cause slipping? Who has mapped their cars and what was the clutch like?

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I'm on a remap around the 270 mark, well it's been remapped a few times on the original clutch , i had a short period of DMF rattle then it stopped no probs as such since the remap but i did have a few issues prior with a bit of slippage but it seems to have been behaving itself at present.
It's on 86k miles so similar to yours, anything over 80k can start to put the original clutch under a bit more pressure so don't go with silly mapping.


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Thanks Rob. I'm on the fence with it tbh. I would really like to get it done, but don't want to be introducing problems to the car that will probably cost me the best part of £1k to fix.

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I'm sure most TFSI engines will take a stage one map with no problems?.


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Its not the engine im concerned about, its the clutch. I don't want to be introducing problems, for example like a slipping clutch that would then need to be renewed.


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my tfsi awd had a clutch at 60k (from audi history) i had to do it again at around 125k, its not that difficult or expensive dmf was ok too

i would map it will easily take if if the clutch is half decent, if it slips it prob past its best


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Pssssst, It's a tfsi.

Pssssst , follow the link .



in gear but clutch slipping
my car is currently in the garage getting cam belt, water pump, new cam chain etc etc.

Looking at Revo Stage 1 £415 or Celtic Tuning £325. There is supposed 10bhp difference & same lb/ft - so basically the same. Has anyone experience of either of these?