Stainless Steel Exhaust.....Andbody done it to a TDI??????


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Bump, thinking about ordering one of those decats about, anyone got any feedback?


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Thats the exact one i was looking at, has anyone fitted one of these?

Im all but ready to get my new exhaust fitted, i know the sound isn't going to like a petrol sound but im hopeing its still going to sound good.

Does fitting a de-cat pipe make any difference to the power/ performance???? Will it throw up any dashboard alarms?


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I will be having a full system made for my 2.5 avant soon, hoping it will sound nice being a V6 - Im taking it to pipewerx who have quoted £650 cat back.

£650 well as long as your happy
but **** paying that much there takeing the ****


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yeah really £450 tops and that would be with de-cat
650 cat back ouchhhh


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Hmm, where would I get a custom system for that price?
All the places I have tried; longlife.etc have been between £590-950.

BEZ101 told me about this place.

They were spot on with there price and seemed to know what there on about, im just waiting till i've got my "spare" £300 together without the misses finding out....

Halfway Branch

Hawleys Halfway, Motec House, Holbrook Industrial Estate. Mosborough, Sheffield, S20 3FE

Tel. 0800 195 2633 or 0114 247 2098

BEZ101 told me about this place


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as above they do know what there doing 100%
ask for chris tell him i sent you
its worth the drive and the 1 at 650 wont be any better


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Hi Bez
Any idea if this company do exhaust by mail order, I just need a standard replacement but de-cated, I can fit it myself with the use of my mates ramp


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One question
I have a audi a4 b8 2012/13 2.0tdi the facelift model.
I would like to put a straight pipe on it.
Does anyone. Have any advice
Will there be a lot of smoke?


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