Steel Skid Plate / Sump Guard


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Probally been done before

Not that this may any use to any one.... or it might be for the people with low suspension.

But I was having a nose on ETKA as you do, and found a steel skid pan for the A3s PN 1j0 018 930

There is a guide here for a Jetta or Bora :- Plate Installation How-To.pdf

Might save someones sump but it is expensive...
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I could with one of these.vw sell the ****e plastic ones for about be more than happy to spend it on a steel one


My other car is a MINI!!!!
It's not my sump I worry about :(
My daily is so low it's started eating its own paintwork on the arches!

Drive careful and you shouldn't need a sump guard.

I regularly twat my subframe on the road, but rarely the sump

Still, good find anyway!


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I hear you prawn,my sump would have cracked ages ago if I wasn't careful. its the uneven road that to worry about when the car bottoms out.not nice