Steering wheel change


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Evening all,

I believe this is the correct thread to place this post - sorry in advance if not.

I have recently purchased my first car (59 plate A4/B8) and looking to upgrade the steering wheel from the original to flat bottom.

I understand the installation side of things but not 100% sure on wheel/airbag combo I require. Airbags seem to have code(s) on them but not sure which one I need? Is there anyway of telling which would fit mine?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.


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I've just done this on a 2011 dynamik, be careful as it can be a bit of a mare!
Best advice I can give is buy one with the exact same multi function buttons and with an airbag if possible. I bought a 2009 A3 one and altough the multi function was fine but the wiring was a nightmare on the airbag to my existing airbag wiring in the car!