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Hello guys and girls

I need some help with steering wheels, I currently have an Audi A4 b8 2010 (non S-Line sadly) I am wanting to change my steering wheels as I hate the one I have, could you tell me which ones will fit my model please, the steering wheel is multifunctional I think it’s a 2-3 spoke pictures of the one I have have been uploaded




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you could go for all multi function steering wheels from a b8 and b8.5 am 90% sure picture above is one in my b8.5


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Hello guys, does anyone retrofit an audi a1 sline steering on a b8 or b8.5. Are all the sline like the one on the picture the same size? I want to buy one from audi a1 to retrofit on my car. Is this possible?



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You will run into problems with the airbag. In B8 there is a dual stage and in A1 it is single stage. Also fitment could be different.
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I agree with @makelja , these things are rarely straightforward. A lot of forum members have bought steering wheels online only to find all sorts of compatibility issues once they try to fit them. It's a minefield.

The only time I swapped wheels was on my B7, when I changed to a multifunction wheel with paddle shift. I did the sensible thing and brought in an expert to do the job for me (@NHN :) ) and even then we were caught out by the existing slip ring not being right for the new wheel. It just meant a couple of days wait to order in the right slip ring but it illustrates how many variables there are, and that's wasn't a switch between different models.


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I have done that four times and always bought same car type steering wheel. Just to be on the safe side. Since it is a security issue also. Messing with the cables on the airbag is never a smart thing.