Stone Chips


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On Sunday I thought I would give the car a good clean and found the bonnet, front bumper and front wing had stone chips in it. Unlike most stone chips which would normally reveal the undercoat these are more like craters that have gone down to metal and in one place looks like it has taken a groove out of the steel.

I am currently traveling on the same roads as I did in my last Audi, which didnt suffer from stone chips. What I would like to know is have Audi changed the quality of its paint making it more prone to chip? has anyone else noticed any bad chips on their new car? is there any milage in going back to Audi and complaining?

I cant believe I'm thinking of this on a car that is nearly new and I dread to think how much it will cost to get 3 car pannels sprayed. If there is anyone in the Bristol or Forest of Dean area who could do me a reasonable quote to repair please send me a message.


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Its the nature of having such hard paint, that it chips more easily due to there being less 'flex' in the paint....yet is more resistant to light scratching and swirling. A happy medium would suit me better but its the nature of the beast I'm afraid.



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A client noticed a lot of stone chipping on his R8's rear arches, having had an S and RS4 cabriolet for years (same roads, same conditions etc) and never seen an issue.

Cars unfortunately get scratched and stone chipped. There is nothing that can be done about this, other than respray (if you care about your car's look; if not, perma guard plastic sheeting is a possible option).

Do not forget that we have just been through a very harsh winter, meaning more grit and salt, as well as more stone chips, churned up from pot holes.