Strange noise


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Hi all,

Got a strange f...g noise on my S1, see this video (max volume or with a headphones)

At the iddle point, can hear a cyclic noise and then while I'm driving a whistle.
This noise appears only when the engine is warm and currently it's very low and too difficult to make it notcied by a garage.

Did soemone meet the same noise ?
Any specialist of TSI engine to advise..
I'm thinking of a accessory pulley (poorly lubricated), or a solenoid valve Noisy, or the turbocharger.
Also the noise can be heard only Inside the car, on the right side..

thanks for your help


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Does sound like a pulley, try removing the auxillary belt and running the engine, if the noise goes you know there's a defective bearing on a pulley


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Try putting the airconditioner on and see if the noise disappears.
My airco pump makes a noise at idle sometimes but never when it's at the dealers (of course).


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Already tried but the noise has no link with the air-conditionning. Currently I do not ear the noise any more, seems that my car prefers warmer weather ;-)


Winter is coming...
Complete long shot but what level is the coolant in the reservoir bottle ?

I had a similar noise that I couldn't trace, I eventually realised that the coolant was about a cm over the max line in the bottle.

I removed the excess and haven't heard the high pitched noise since. Could be completely unrelated but it thought I'd share my experience.


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Thanks for sharing your experience, couldn't be the same root cause for me as the liquid is below max level. However i'vé seen several threads about vw water pump noise.