Struggling to start and loss of power. help.


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Hi guys,

My 2001 A2 Tdi has developed a problem.

It is very difficult to start the car.Takes 10-20 secs of cranking once started within in 5 mins of driving it completely dies.

Then it is difficult again to start again.

I have changed the glow plugs, battery is fine also.

I am thinking it could be some thing to do with fuel.

Fuel pump maybe.

Any advice will help guys.

Thanks in advice.


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Sounds a bit odd that one, I imediately thought glow plugs until you said you changed them. Do you know anyone with Vagcom? That will be able to see any faults you car is showing up. Also when was it last serviced? Not that a simple service would help much but, if it needs one and you use Audi or a Audi specialist then there diagnostic equipment would see it straight away.


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Yep 90% sounds like a fuel pump or fuel filter to me. Try the filter as it's cheaper to do first but im leaning towards fuel pump.


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Was it picked up on a diag test? TBH it could have been the fuel pump or anything related for that matter. Glad you got it all sorted.