Such a thing as a decent TT for £4k?


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The wife wants a TT, put its only for a year, if that, before family cars come along. Just the older shape for around 4 or 5k, but more like 4k. I know there all gonna have 100k on the clock, but is there any decent ones about or are they all hammered?
Personally I don't think you will get a really decent car for that sort of money, they have become cheap recently, but at the money it is unlikely to have been loved and may become a money pit rather rapidly.

I would steer clear of £4k cars as they are £4k for a reason.



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Keep an eye on, there was a beautiful TT roadster on there last week going for £4,700. Really good example, with 70k on the clock, and had clearly been looked after, its no longer on the website, so it must have sold. Might be worth giving them a bell and seeing if they can call you if they get another one in.


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for 4k its going to be battered 5-6k for a looked after one pal, if not keep an eye on ebya you might get a lucky cheap one- roadsters are also always cheapers as are the 180s


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My missus is after a roadster and £4.5k can get a decent one with around 60k miles on the clock with full history.

We don't really drive much so even one with high miles wouldn't be an issue to us as we'll put ****** all mileage on it anyway.


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welly just bought a TT for sub 2k.


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the old saying is you get what you pay for i suppose but the bottom has fallen out of the market so there may be some great bargains out there! not always sold for what they are worth, people just need the money. always worth a haggle.

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Hello did you manage to pick up a decent tt ? :)

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A work mate just bought a stunning exaple, £4300.. full Bose, detailed history, no dents, scratches, WOW I was jealous..

Now heres the sad part!

New hydraulic timing chain tensioner needed, part £380, + fitting, new oil strainer and sump clean after flushing.
needs discs n pads all round
haldex isnt working,
needs a tyre
xenon auto levelers are seized
list goes on so I hope your either put off a cheap car, or certainly prepared to search high n low for a genuine once in a lifetime bargain at that price