Sunday Reading - Injector Cleaning S3


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A bit of history

A few months back I was getting a message up on the DIS that start stop had a system fault (Still get it from time to time)


Week after the engine light came on with the following faults:
  • Fuel pump speed to low
  • Fuel pressure too low

My S3 is Stage 3+ Revo and I have changed the following (shortened version):
  • LPFP housing and walbro filter (filter was stinking)

  • Cam follower at HPFP
  • Walbro fuel pump and filter (when the faults were still evident)
  • Spacer plate (from Revo) to secure the pump better (bear in mind my car has been stage 3 for 2 years and no issues until this started)
Still getting the above so the next thing in the circuit and that has been suggested to me is the control unit for fuel delivery (item 5) which I have ordered and will be here on Monday.


The fault has no pattern, it can happen within the first minute or 40-50 miles into my journey at any speed or acceleration. The car drives perfectly fine with the fault live.

If changing the control unit fixes the issue (fingers crossed) would it be worth my while looking further down the circuit eg fuel injectors to clean or carbon clean etc...
  • What is involved cleaning the injectors?
  • Would I be better replacing them with OEM?
  • Would I be better upgrading them if going to the trouble? (remember I am Stage 3)
Thanks for taking the time