Sun's out ,it's nice and warm ,so it's time to get cleaning.....

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As In the title really chaps, as the sun was out today and it was just a nice day in general it seemed like a very good opportunity to give the old bus a good wash, shampoo and set followed by a good old whizz over with some polish....
It has been a fair while since she had a good overall clean and polish and it she does clean up nicely for a black car, but with a gravel drive in the dry which can be dusty it won't stay that clean for long, probably 20

also took advantage of the nice wether to get the other old bus out , finished the alternator conversion and went for a wee drive .....looking down that bonnet as you trundle down the road is the best other car comes close to that view....well that's my input...

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Lovely E-Type. I can't imagine anything better than looking down that bonnet at the road ahead