TDI Hybrid Turbo Recommendations


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I did a quick search and couldn't find any posts where this is covered

Does anyone have any recommendation have experience with different brands of3.0 tdi hybrid turbos on a 3.0 tdi Audi?

I have a 2011 ccwa wagon, turbosystems are out of stock for a while and I know Bobby has his own similar one but are there any other reputable hybrid retailers?

bobby singh

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When you ask these question on a public forum most will just answer with random comments and put you in the wrong direction.
Lets just say most turbo companies will make you a hybrid with just a larger cw and keep the stock tw. These types of turbos are totally useless as the emp will be very high and will mean you just create heat. Other companies decide to put a larger TW but have no understanding of clearences and the relationship between the two wheels. I know turbo companies who have been in the game for 30 years but still do not understand emp yet they are the first to complain why the turbo breaks.


Paul battams

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As above (bobby) careful what you buy some sellers will sell you anything and when it doesn’t work right blame the mapper or say you have wrong supporting mobs I’ve been bitten badly before
Bobby Singh all the way

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I'm just curious what everyone is running. Fully aware of brands like venom which are just a large compressor wheel.


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