the great offset and wheels confusion


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sorry this is so common I know but these rim offsets differ in mm alot pleas help haha. So, I am looking at some new wheels for the S6.

Currently the ones I am running should be 265/35/19 on OEM S6 rims that are 19x 9j with 52mm offset.
The ones I am looking at are OEMS IFG10s rims 19x 9.5j with 38mm offset.
The tyre size I run now is ideal for the new size rim. giving the calculations below do I assume that they will be nicely concaved in comparison tot he OEM boring flat rims?

Compared to your existing wheel, this new wheel will have an inner rim which is 7.7mm further away from the suspension strut.The outer rim will poke out 20.4mm more than before.

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