The TT Shop in Bedford


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Any one heard of them or had any custom there as i am local and was thinking of using them for some work ?

They are a Revo agent and also do their own generic maps.
I have a 1.9Tdi 130 so was either thinking of there or Jabbasport nr Peterborough



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Hi Mark,
i have had a few things done at the TT Shop , service was ok . I prefer and recomend APS , they are in Brackley so not too far away from you . Their work is spot on , good prices and service is second to none


S3 Big Andy

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I have used them for work on my S3 and find them very good, have a chat to them first get a feel for them then decide..

Audi_TT 83

Audi_tt 83
i have used them twice so far and about to use them again on tuesday. very good and carful with the car. i can't fault them