Things to check are there when picking up new RS3 ?


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Just wondered what things to check are there, when collecting a new RS3 as well as the car itself !! ??

Never been an Audi owner before so it's all a bit new to me !

Such as :-

Mats ? - think I saw a set of grey edged mats in the showroom

I-phone leads etc - what entertainmnet leads should it come with ?

Top up oil ?

Sat Nav DVD, leads, SD cards or anything ?

Others ?




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Should have mats with grey edge

Also should have 2 cables one for iPod one for USB

No top up oil anymore.


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Sat nav discs 1 in the nav and the other in the box in the glovebox


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I got top up oil 1ltr in case , if you paid for the autoglym paint protection audi should give you a big bag of autoglym products and a momey off voucher for more autoglym products, check if the car starts without pressing the footbrake, , half tank of fuel