Thinking of buying a b8


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Hi All,

I currently own a b6 1.9tdi avant sport, but tooing & frowning about getting a newer car.
The only cars I've been keen on are a4/a3 sportbacks.

This is for the family car so the estates do come in handy. I currently do around 8k miles a year.

What engine has the most reliable reputation in the b8s?
I've been looking on autotrader and found a local garage has the following:

I won't be buying that one (he says!) but just looking at options at the moment.

Are these age 2.0tdi ok regarding the oil pump issue I've read about in older models? do they suffer from any major common faults that I should be aware of.

Also, what are the cambelt change intervals on these engines?

If going petrol (as my mileage doesn't justify diesel really) what is the preferred choice? although there doesn't seem to be many petrol variants around for sale compared to diesel.
Must say i'm used to the diesels now a days having owned several over the last 10-15 years.

Thanks for any advice.



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The facelift A4s 2012 onwards have the new 2.0 TFSi gen3 ea888 engine. These are very good with direct and behind intake valve injection to keep to carbon build up at bay.