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Hi all

I love my current car, but I feel I would like a quattro. So my question is which engine do I go for?

2001-2004 1.9TDi or 2.5TDi
2004- onwards 2.0TDi, 2.7TDi or 3.0TDi

I will apreciate responses from owners of these cars and if any problems you have had. I am looking at a manual but maybe consider an auto but have heard/read so many problems with the gearbox.
All advice is surely welcome.



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1.9 tdi is unpowered for such a big car thats why they never offered the a6 in quattro guise with the 1.9 tdi lump. The v6 tdi is ok especially the 180bhp lump. Later models, the 2.7 is the sensible lump to go for but not much more than the 2.5 tdi, the 3.0 is in another league.


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the 1.9 tdi is under powered for such a big car ? i beg to differ and 50 mpg and no fuel pump issues unlike the 2.5 180 bhp lump


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I've owned both and like you went from the 1.9 to the 2.5 Quattro. The 1.9 was good, but the 2.5, I find, is brilliant. Got a good spec to boot, so was a lovely move 'up' for me. I did consider an allroad, but the air suspension put me off, so just looked for a high spec 2.5Q.