Time to say good bye to the Diesel beast and hello to the petrol monster


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Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't been on here in FOREVER !!! .. Been moving houses!!!!!

So Came to the end of the road with the diesel a4 and thought it's either time to do an engine conversion or to buy an S4.. After spending hours researching about doing an engine conversion it was coming well over £10k so I thought.. Meh lets just buy an S4 !!!!!

So here's my Diesel A4 B8




Video of dpf del.. Also had a hybrid Turbo few months ago..

So now we move onto the new car XD ...

2011 Audi s4 b8 Quattro 3.0 V6 supercharged 333hp


I will be starting with the mods next week as I have a week off for car things !!


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Very nice. A move I'm planning on making too soon. Love the look of my car just doesn't have the power that I crave ha!

What are your plans on the s4?

Got any more :sign pics:of it?


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Cheers buddy!
Next week I'm taking air ride off my derv Audi and chucking it onto the s4 and the grille.

Then on my next pay day looking into a new exhaust system.. not too sure what to go for yet but I'm sure I will find one I like soon enough..

Then once I've sold my diesel I'm going to be taking it to either mrc or Apr and getting stage 2 with updrated pulley.. should be in the 450+ then.

But I've got tons planned in the next 6 months !! Before the car shows start up again anyways

Few more pics of the s4


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