Touchless Wash - Is this possible?


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Attempt to do a touchless wash and this failed miserably.

Had to use a wash mitt, so not touchless.

What are you doing..

Do you have any success with a touchless wash?


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Yes I used ‘greased lighting’ and touch wood I have never scratched a car. I have used it on filthy cars and it’s fine just use loads of it and have plenty of microfibres cloths

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Tried the BH auto foam via a pump sprayer this afternoon and left it for 10 mins, then rinsed off. No drying.

Results were okay on a light - moderate dirty car. It rained later which would have helped with any smears.

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@A4A4 - Ah that Touchless wash question ...

I honestly don’t there is such a thing
People have tried various products & mixes thereof & I have seen some manufacturers claim to have a touchless product but yet am to see one
IMHO I don’t think it’s possible without laying a wash mitt / me on the car


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Agreed, I also can't see it would ever properly work myself...


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Last few weeks been playing around with minimal washes (like/nearly touchless). Reason is this time of year it's not worth the time or effort, due to the our British weather.

Okay the wheels had to be washed by hand, the sills, arches and edges had to be wiped over with a wash mitt to remove lightly soiled marks.

But the roof, bonnet, boot, panels and doors etc have not been touched by hand.

Just pre washed (bh auto foam) with a pump spray, left to dwell for upto 10 minutes and rinsed off. Then sprayed with a drying aid on wet paintwork. This then rinsed off and left to drip dry or drenched on by the rain gods.

Does a fair job and the closest I am are going to get to a touchless wash.

Had to try it and agree with you guys..

'A touchless wash does not exist.'