Towbar for RS6 C7


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Hi all, just bought an RS6 C7.5 but it doesn't have a towbar.

After a lot of research I found out I can't mount the original electric towbar because my car has DRC and the bottles are in the rear bumper, but I found some old threads on the internet with people saying they still fitted a towbar (not the audi one)

Is there someone here that has done it and also is there someone who has a picture of an RS6 with DRC and without the rear bumper to see where those bottles are exactly ?

Thanks !


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Don’t think any of the rs/s cars are rated to tow. Think most of the a6 bars should fit but it will not be legal to tow anything.
mate looked at this a while back for his rs6 to carry bikes not tow anything and gave up on the idea and got roof bars instead.


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just had a look under the car, you can see the DRC and they are behind the bar but fixed on it, probably need to adapt them


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Probably worth pointing out that Audi don't approve any car for towing (type approval) in the UK if it has DRC (If you're not in the UK then ignore this). Check your logbook and the chassis plates, if these are blank you cannot tow or contact Audi.

However, the rules say you cannot tow, you can fit a towbar and use it for things like a bike rack as this is not classed as towing.


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Hi, just to keep everyone on the loop, I managed to get the towbar installed on my RS6 with DRC
To answer any questions : I'm in France and I just want to put a bike rack on the car.

Couple of pics :


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