Help Please Transmission Oil Service


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Thinking ahead with this one. Next service (due in around 6 months), will include transmission oil.

The car is a 2012 A4 Avant 3.0 Quattro.

Can anyone give a ball park figure for the transmission oil service?



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So is that a 3.0TDi?

I'm assuming from your question that it it is an automatic rather than a manual, but I'm not sure which type of automatic box is fitted.


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If there's any variation it is usually the cost of the oil. Some indies have to pay a higher price than Audi who gets the bulk discount. On the flip side an indie will use new oil from bottles whereas an Audi dealer might draw it from a central tank where some unused oil might have been put back in and there is a small risk of contamination.

How dare I suggest that! Next I'll be alleging that Audi might fake the results of emissions tests!


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Hi mine car is 3.0 tdi saloon 2014 with s-tronic auto clutch and oil change cost me about 215£ 7l of oil 20£ a liter some oil strainer, gasket, washer, plug, suction filter and sealing ring replaced...
Price is approximate +/- 5£ due my mechanic list prices separately with no vat... And that what he listed as replaced so I just write of the service log and roughly counted. :d hopefully helps