TTE650 Upgrade Turbochargers RS6 C5


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TTE650 Upgrade Turbochargers

These units offer our only turbocharger step to increasing your 4.2 TT V8 performance, yet offer near no loss in response over stock. Very popular with owners wanting RS6 Plug & Play fitting units but with greater and wider performance, still keeping OEM drivability.

Engineered & Enhanced

TTE650 Turbochargers start life and evolve from Genuine RS6 K04 OE units, we then fit bigger and better billet compressors mated to TTE turbines. Engineered and enhanced using only BorgWarner components.

Key Points:
Genuine BorgWarner Housings & Components
Genuine BorgWarner Latest Billet Compressor Geometry
Genuine TTE 9Blade turbines
Genuine BorgWarner Uprated & Reinforced Synchronized Actuators
Genuine BorgWarner Reinforced Bearings
Optimized Compressor Cover Machining Clearances
Dynamically Balanced
Plug & Play RS6 Fitment
650PS Capable
Designed, Machined & Built by TTE in Germany

Pricing :

Reconditioning price shown is based on overhauling and reconditioning, upgrading undamaged used turbochargers within specification. Only once cleaned and dismantled, inspected then a firm price be made



B7 420-R Avant
These look pretty tasty.

What is the limiting factor as far as size goes?