Tts alloys

andy l

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I'm just about to order a new tts but the only thing I can't decide on is the alloys.
I quite like the 19" standard alloys but I am tempted by the 20" alloys.
Has anyone got the 20s on their tt could offer any thoughts or opinion.


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Got the 20's and love them. They seem to be a bit like marmite for opinion, but for me they look very similar to the TT 400 concept car (which I think looks amazing). They probably are a PITA to keep clean, but personally I now almost never clean the car myself. For reasonable money I can get someone who comes around and does the job properly - his problem ;) I love em.


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My thinking is normally "the bigger the better" with wheels, but I really like the standard 19s (they're the same as the 18s on my S1), and so I figure that £850 could be put to better use elsewhere. Normally, if the bigger ones are much nicer then I'll pay any amount (as I think the wheels make a car), but if the smaller are just as nice and there's only an inch in it (any they don't cost extra) then I'd stick with that!