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My mates bought a 2001 ibiza cupra with the 1.8t ( 150bhp )
engine, he's asked me who would be best for a re chip / remap ?? as mine was carried out at AMD i suggested them.
what do you guys and galls think ???


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I would say its more a case of how much can he afford to pay as all the prices vary so much. id like to go for amd but i cant afford them. As with every thing else in life you get what you pay for.

I read a copy of M POWER cos im so bored and thay had a golf 150 in it with a super chip and the increase seemed reasonable. But not as good as the others.Lower price

REVO/APR seem to have a good idea but as the other threads suggest its all quite new tech stuff.Mid price

AMD and others no what you want but to get there you need to pay that bit xtra and theyve been around for a some time
Higher price

so thats my Opinion anyway




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avoiod superchips like the plague - try APR, Revo-technik or AmD and you won't go far wrong

can't comment on Seats but preferred my APR chip to my AmD one but you won't go far wrong with either or Revo IMHO


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Thanks everyone /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif, a bit quick them little coupras, even in standard form !!