Turbo Actuator Set Up - 2.0TDI


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Hey guys

Looking to buying a run around and keep my S3 parked up during the week while I am at work :(

Found a car but owner is saying that it is down on boost and has installed a new actuator. Just needs set up :S
Claims he hasn't the time to do this but I have looked online and doesn't seem to be too hard a job

Makes me think walk way but also have the chance to grab a bargain

Anyone experience in setting up an actuator and care to share their experience?


Garrett 69

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It's been a while since I calibrated a waste gate actuator but it's not too difficult, just time consuming. Ideally you need a laptop so that you can see everything on a graph.

However, it may not have been the actuator causing the issue, it may be the MAF sensor. That's a more common fault.

Do you know if he did any diagnostics first?