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Evenin all.

Last day in Hungary today, so went shopping for some new tyres. My fronts were pretty bad and was hoping to get home on them, but thought Id look at the prices here. I have 18" RSTT wheels and have 225/40 ZR18 all round.

Anyway, pulled into the tyre place, and the guy had two Bridgestone Potenza's, brand new. After a bit of haggling I got him down to 28,000 Hungarian Forints (roughly 87 quid) for the tyres and fitting. Needless to say I was very happy. Only snag is they are 225/35 ZR18. Theyre on the front, and I thought for the price I couldnt leave them there. The ride is a bit bumpier now, but my question is are the 35's alright on these wheels? I don't mean to be pedantic, just have no real idea when it comes to rubber ;-))


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If you have a Quattro with 35's on the front and 40's on the back, STOP NOW, cos you're wrecking your 4WD ;)

Otherwise, your speedo will just read a bit wrong (it will say you're going faster than you actually are), and will be a bit bumpier, but otherwise shouldn't be a problem.
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It's not good getting 225 40 rear and 225 35 front, you might be ok if your rears are worn, i'd change them asap though, once your fronts lose a few mm's you'll get problems


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ohh dear....

Would getting 225/35 all round leave with you with a bad back?